You see that guy over there? Giving talks to hundreds of college students on Web Development and Security, pretty sweet right? Well that's me, and here's the story about how I got there and who I am.

My real name is Sahil Shukla, I am a programmer by profession, part time bug bounty hunter and co-founder of Techpolygon, a Web Design, Development, SEO, all the nine yards, company. I started programming at the age of 16, when one of my friends Rahul, got me into C programming, that's when I decided to become a full time Python programmer becuase fuck C. I started learning about web development as it was much easier and instantly gratifying. Thats when I started creating facebook login look alikes and started reading up on Phishing after getting a couple of passwords from my friends, I decided to explore realm of "Hacking". So just like everyone else I downloaded Kali Linux, set that baby up, and started using all the tools I could get my hands on. It was fun for a while but not very rewarding as I quickly realized that I was pushing towards my journey of becoming a script-kiddie and not a Hacker.

After reading up a wonderfully written article on How to become a bug bounty hunter, I decided to socialize a little, got on twitter, followed a bunch of legit hackers and reading up on books like Web Application Hackers Handbook 2, which served vital role in getting me a good grounding in my understanding of the web. Later I started trying my hands on actual targets, graciously provided by BugCrowd and Hackerone, so I started looking into it and it wasn't long when I found my first bug on Paytm. It was pretty simple (here's the writeup) but it made me appreciate how just having the right hackers mindset you can start breaking professionally written web applications, of multi billion dollar industries. 

While I was diving head first into this massive field that is Information Security, I developed a particular affection towards reverse engineering, and due to my socialization on twitter, I found Malware Unicorn who had some wonderful tutorials on I still go through them and find new things everytime.

I still wouldn't consider myself a master at any of the afore mentioned skills, but I guess no one does. So I hope you saw a little bit of yourself in me and would like to join me in the journey of become the best there ever was. Here's where you can start.