This blog is dedicated to encompass my journey in the Infosec and the Programming industry and hopefully help someone out with the troubles that I once faced. I hope to see you join me and experience the adventures of a script kiddie to become a pro.

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These are the three main things that I'd be focusing on mainly

All of these topics are immense on their own and to cover them in it's entirety would be impossible however, I try to cover most important aspects in extensive detail :)

Bug Hunting

Bug hunting is the practise of finding out vulnerabilites in Websites, Android apps any software or service you can think of. I'd be focusing on building upon the existing methodologies and try to build one of my own.

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Programming as a whole is massive, so I'll mainly be focusing on Web App programming, Database handling, Datastructures and writing quick little scripts to automate tasks.

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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is deconstructing software to reveal it's internal logic and architecture. I'll be focusing mostly on assembly and following Malware Unicorn's Guide.

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Who Am I?

I am a llama. I used to live happily in Andes, but one day my parents decided to gift me a computer. That's when the curiosity began. I started coding static html only websites, like most of the 90's computer savvy llama's did. One of my best friends pushed me into the computer science field. Right now I am a senior year college student, at the verge of completing my BCA. I am also a part time bug bounty hunter, and a full time programmer. I strive to become a better security researcher, and hopefully share a beer with Mr. Json Haddix, Malware Unicorn, Naffy, BlackRoomSec or with Hacks4Pancakes who have been my inspiration throughout my entire journey.